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New malware, called Fakedtoken, has been evolving over the past year and become increasingly sophisticated

New Android malware that spreads via text can steal victims' credit card details from other apps

It's wise not to enter your credit card details into shady-looking apps and websites if you don't want your details stolen. But sometimes, not even the apps you know and trust ...

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American hunger relief charity tackles data quality issues with standardisation

Case Study: Feeding America Takes on Project to Standardise Data and Improve Data Quality

Feeding America is a domestic-hunger relief charity with a nationwide network of close to 200 member food banks that work together to provide food to more than 46 million people through ...

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Coinbase retracts - Plans for Bitcoin Cash support in 2018

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest (if not the) largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has reconsidered its original stance on Bitcoin Cash and said it will introduce support for the “user activated ...

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Tech industries- where is headcount growing?

The recent job cuts in the technology sector have been blown out of proportion, says Krishnamurty Shankar, the head of HR development at Infosys. He highlighted that, as industries mature, ...

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2017 Computing GCSE entries is on the increase year on year

Despite the number seeming small compared with previous years, the number of student who have entered themselves to take the 2017 GCSE computing exam has increasing 9% year-on-year. The Office of ...

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How recruitment will evolve in the next 10 years

There are few parts of the business world that have changed as dramatically as recruitment in the past 30 years, due to technology becoming commonplace. However, despite this impact, many ...

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Hiring Trends for 2016

Hiring Trends for 2016

Hiring Trends for 2016: Welcome to the gig economy The future of the job market sits with non-employee workers, says a study from Fieldglass, a software company that supplies vendor management ...

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VMR Consultants

The UK outdoes the US and surfaces as one of the top five leaders using IT Contractors.

In an international study, the UK has placed as one of the top five countries for IT contractor use whilst the US and China make plans to follow suit. 76% of ...

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Why do we Love VMR?

Why does it Matter to you that we Love Working at VMR?

Your staffing partners matter more than you think. The top IT Recruitment firms ensure that their sales and recruitment teams are happy. Making sure these teams are lively gets you ...

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Is  a Recruiter worth it?

Is a Recruiter really worth it?

How you can tell if A Recruiter is really worth it.   Thousands of pounds are paid to recruiters to help find out and hire employees. Some recruiters aren’t worth a portion ...

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