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The race to create a self-driving taxi fleet just took a bizarre turn with a $1 billion bet on Lyft led by Alphabet

CapitalG, Alphabet's investment arm, led a $1 billion funding round in Lyft. Alphabet has forged a close relationship with Lyft on self-driving cars as its pre-existing relationship with Uber has soured. The ...

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How IoT Data Improves Product Development

It can’t be denied that IoT data is soon becoming an indispensable tool for product development. We’ve recently studied a few examples. They are different in detail but all clearly ...

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Microsoft didn't tell the public one of its databases was hacked in 2013

Microsoft’s secret internal database for tracking bugs in its own software was broken into by a highly sophisticated hacking group more than four years ago, according to five former employees, ...

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Qualcomm performs first 5G test on a mobile device, debuts 5G reference smartphone design

Qualcomm’s long march towards 5G took a few steps closer to reality today, as the company has announced that it has completed its first test of a 5G connection on ...

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What is Augmented Analytics and Why Does it Matter?

If your role in business demands that you stay abreast of changes in business analytics, you are probably familiar with the term Smart Data Discovery. You may also have read the ...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks the tech isn't ready yet to develop commercial smart glasses

He says there are "huge challenges" around displays. Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that it'll still be some time before people are walking around wearing smart glasses that augment their reality. The ...

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Adobe's Answer To The Looming Data Scientist Shortage: The Adobe Analytics Challenge

For students choosing careers, data science presents an opportunity to be in demand. Although students in the U.S. are studying data analytics at higher rates, a report from McKinsey projects ...

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A cartoon Mark Zuckerberg toured hurricane-struck Puerto Rico in virtual reality

Mark Zuckerberg put on an Oculus Rift this afternoon and used Facebook’s new virtual reality platform, Facebook Spaces, to transport himself to Puerto Rico, the Moon, and his house. He broadcast the ...

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Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars with SpaceX but has yet to explain how people will survive there

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has unveiled a new design for a 100% reusable rocket and spaceship to colonize Mars. SpaceX has experience building traditional life support systems for its ...

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Yahoo says all 3 billion user accounts were impacted by 2013 security breach

"IF YOU HAD A YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT, YOU WERE PART OF THE BREACH" Yahoo today announced that the huge data breach in August 2013 affected every user on its service — ...

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