Past NeSCForge Closure Prompts Questions About the Future of Code Repositories

Back in September 2010 the NeSCForge (a repository run by the National e-Science centre) announced that it would be closing down. Software developers, consultants, architects and other IT professionals started to ask questions about where they should go with their project. Over time new champions of the code repository and distributed revision control systems arose, most notably Git. Once a devel ...

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Amazon Attracts Developer-cum-Entrepeneurs

The move is still a step behind Box’s $rev programme (which financially rewards app developers subject to how much time their users spend on them) but at least Amazon is heading in the right direction. Application developers can exploit a new revenue stream by using Amazon’s Mobile Associates API for Android-based devices to sell physical and digital goods from the Amazon store directl ...

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Browser-based Development in the Cloud

Companies are packing up their clumsy desktop software, putting their local networking in the virtual attic and investing in new and improved browser-base solutions. Calenders, email clients and word processors are no longer tied to unfriendly and inaccessible local environments. Where developers were once left home alone, clinging to their command lines and desktop IDEs out of habit, programming ...

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ARMing Java with Oracle Support

After the Microsoft-Oracle alliance another massive multiyear contract deal has wormed out of the technology industry’s woodwork. In June 2013 ARM Holdings entered into partnership with Oracle to optimise the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) for the ARM processor architecture, including 64-bit ARMv8 designs. British-produced ARM chips have dominated the rapidly accelerating mobile ...

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.NET and Java Professionals Sign Cloud Peace Treaty

On June 24th, Steve Ballmer and Mark Hurd, respective ambassadors for Microsoft and Oracle, announced a cloud partnership that will enable Azure customers to run Oracle Database (probably 12c, though no version has been confirmed), Oracle Weblogic and Java. In turn, Oracle stated that Oracle Linux will also be available for Azure customers. There are also leaked talks of Oracle 12c, Weblogic and ...

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